ISI Fall media day

Presented by 800 Meter Sports Photography

Saturday September 16th from 1-3 @ ISI

Introducing 800 Meter Sport's Photography's inaugural Media Day Photo Sessions, tailored for individual athletes and perfect for creating exceptional keepsakes. I specialize in capturing captivating shots that beautifully convey your athlete's unique personality. With innovative techniques, the media day experience will result in a collection of timeless images to treasure. Don't miss out! Reserve your Media Day Photo Session today and elevate these exceptional moments.

professional quality individual sport portraits

Each athlete will be allotted dedicated time for a mini sports photo session that includes up to 5 poses. This personalized session ensures that every athlete has the opportunity to shine and have their unique personality captured.

Get access to custom digital backdrops

Elevate your athlete's photo session with custom designed digital backgrounds, available for the first time ever. Designed to personalize and enhance their shots, these backgrounds transform ordinary sessions into exceptional memories, capturing your athlete's unique essence like never before. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to make your athlete's photos truly special.

Capture the essence of sports with group shots

Each athlete will be allotted dedicated time for a mini sports photo session, and the fun doesn't stop there. We welcome the inclusion of friends and family from the sports community to join in and create memorable group shots that celebrate teamwork and camaraderie. This is a fantastic opportunity to capture the bond and shared passion that sports bring to life.

Packages Available

All packages include a dedicated 5 minute photo session. All photos from the session will be made available for both digital and print purchases in a dedicated gallery.

Your upfront reservation fee counts towards the package and any additional purchases

Basic Package - $25

Get 1 digital photo of your athlete

Deluxe Package - $35

Get up to 3 digital photos of your athlete

All-IN Package - $55

Get 3 digital photos of your athlete as well as an included digital photo utilizing one of my custom backdrops.

Examples of Available Digital Backdrops

All digital backdrops are available for an additional $25 fee. Final images are sized and ready to be print at 8 x 10.